Cover It Up!


5 Things You Should Know About Cover-Up Tattoos

Change is a part of life. In fact, it's the only constant you can depend on 100% of the time. Whether it's drastic or subtle, change is inevitable--especially when it comes to we humans. We change a lot during our time here on Earth--physically, emotionally, and mentally speaking--so it comes as no surprise that we tend to change our minds about various aspects of our lives a myriad of times. While changing your mind can be frustrating or even a bit intimidating, sometimes it's necessary, especially when you change your mind about a tattoo.

If you've grown tired of looking at that once awesome tattoo that was rad for about a year or two, it may be time to get a cover-up tattoo. Whether you need to hide an outdated Chinese symbol that may or may not mean "Harmony," or cover-up a tattoo design that simply doesn't suit the person you are today, consider these five things before heading to the tattoo shop for a cover-up tattoo.

1. Size Matters 
For it to be truly effective, a cover-up tattoo needs to be about three to four times larger than your current tattoo. Since it needs to be bigger, think long and hard about what you want your cover-up tattoo to look like and convey about your personality so you don't have to cover up your cover-up tattoo down the road.

2. Hold the Flash (In Most Cases)
While a tattoo shop's flash designs (i.e. those pre-drawn tattoo designs in a shop's portfolio) can be beautiful and intricate, they usually do not work very well as far as larger cover-ups are concerned. The best thing to do is collaborate with your tattoo artist so he or she can develop a custom design that will serve as the perfect cover-up tattoo.

3. Cool It Down 
If you're in the market for a cover-up tattoo and want to have some color, it is generally a good idea to stay away from warm colors, like orange, yellow, and red, because they don't do well as cover-up colors. You'll fare better with cool colors, so think greens, blues, and purples. 

4. Camouflage
Scales, feathers, leaves, and darkness are perfect elements for cover-up tattoos. Think birds, coy fish, dragons, or pretty much anything with dark colors, and/or shading. 

5. Layers of Ink
It's not uncommon for a cover-up tattoo to require two, or even three, layers of ink to hide the old tattoo. Yes, this means you may have to schedule a couple of sessions with your tattoo artist, but it'll be worth it. Just stay patient! 

Schedule a Cover-Up Consultation
At the end of the day, the best thing to do to get the best cover-up tattoo is to schedule a consultation with your tattoo artist. They make a living transforming skin--whether tatted up or not--into living works of art, so they'll know exactly how to approach your cover-up tattoo. So, if you've changed your mind about one of your tattoos, congratulations! It's time to make another change and cover it up with a new, improved tattoo.

Please contact us anytime through our contact page, and we'll be happy to discuss your tattoo ideas and carefully craft a cover-up design that's right for you!