Should You Bring a Friend to Your Tattoo Appointment?


Most Likely Yes, But It Depends . . .


Getting a tattoo can be an exciting, exhilarating experience for those of us who have a few pieces of ink under our belts. In fact, it can be quite therapeutic for some people. However, if you’re new to the world of tattoos, it’s perfectly normal to feel a sense of apprehension, nervousness or even fear prior to getting your first tattoo. If you’re the kind of person who needs to bring a friend along in order to keep the fear or nervousness at bay, you’re (most likely) in luck, for many tattoo shops will allow you to bring a buddy. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.


Don’t Bring the Whole Squad

It’s nice to have a group of friends that is there for you through thick and thin. They can sit and laugh with you through the good times and help you through the bad times, but when it comes to getting a tattoo, be sure you don’t walk through the tattoo shop’s doors with the entire posse in tow. It is distracting for the artist and will cause a lot of unnecessary congestion in his or her workspace. This being the case, if you must bring a friend with you, it’s best to just bring one.


The Best Friends Are Occupied Friends

We all have that friend who simply can’t sit still or keep himself or herself occupied for hours on end. Not only is it better to bring just one friend with you when you get a tattoo, but it’s also best to bring one who can occupy himself or herself for the duration of your entire tattoo session. Unless you’re planning on getting a simple, small tattoo, you’re more than likely going to be sitting in the tattoo chair for at least a couple of hours. If your friend can’t cut it, perhaps it’s best for him or her to stay home.


Friendly Takeaways

While friends can distract you from the pain or discomfort of getting a tattoo, they can also distract your artist. Think about it: do you really want the person who’s permanently inking your body to be distracted while tattooing you? For the best experience, it’s best to bring just one friend with you to your tattoo appointment if you simply must have the companionship. Just make sure he or she can keep busy without your undivided attention and respect your artist’s time, workspace and shop protocol.