The First Week After Getting Your Tattoo


The most crucial time for your new tattoo is the first week. This is the time when it’s the most susceptible to damage and infection. Your tattoo is a work of art and how you treat it in the first week determines how it’ll look for the rest of the tattoo’s life. Here are a few things Cap1 Tattoos near Dallas, Texas want you to know about the first week after getting your new tattoo.


When your artist is finished, they’ll thoroughly clean the tattoo and will cover it. They may cover it with plastic shrink-wrap, which you’ll leave on no longer than a few hours. They may use a specialty plastic bandage, such as Saniderm, which you can leave on for multiple days to aid the healing process.


It’s immensely important that you keep your tattoo clean at all times, especially in the first week. Don’t panic when you see flakes of ink wash off the first few times of cleaning. That is a completely normal part of the healing process.

Always use unscented soap when cleaning your new tattoo. The chemicals used in scented soap can cause skin irritation and a burning sensation. To prevent too much ink from leaching out, use cold water for the first few days.

Scabbing and Peeling

For the first couple of days, your tattoo will look vibrant and shiny. However, it may start to look as if it has a white haze over it. That’s completely normal and will eventually go away as the skin begins to peel. Just as you aren’t supposed to pick at the skin peeling from a sunburn, the same goes for tattoos. Picking at scabs and skin flakes before they’re ready to come off can seriously damage your new ink!


When it comes to sleeping, you want to let this be the time when your tattoo can properly breathe. If you can, try to prevent letting your tattoo come into direct contact with your sheets. However, don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning with an imprint of your tattoo on your bed sheets.

Cap1 Tattoos wants to ensure that your tattoo stays healthy and safe, especially in that crucial first week. If you’re looking to get some fresh ink, contact Cap1 Tattoos in Denton, Texas today to schedule a consultation.