5 Ways You’re Damaging Your New Tattoo



The first two to three weeks after getting your tattoo are extremely important. This is the time when your tattoo is the most vulnerable and most likely to be damaged. You may even be doing something and not know that it’s bad for your tattoo. That’s why today, Cap1 Tattoos near Dallas, TX is sharing 5 ways you’re damaging your new tattoo.


1. Touching

Our hands are filthy, and your new tattoo is like an open wound. You need to keep it clean, and that means not touching it. The only time it’s okay to touch your tattoo is while you’re cleaning it, but other than that, you should avoid touching it until it has fully healed.


2. Over/Under-Caring

You may not know this, but there is a fine line between over-caring and under-caring for your tattoo. Too much “care” and you could slow down the healing process. Too little care and your tattoo could become infected. Find the perfect balance with Cap1 Tattoos’ previous blog about short-term tattoo aftercare.


3. Sleeping On Top of Your New Tattoo        

For your tattoo to properly heal, it needs to be able to breathe. Generally, the best time for this is when you’re sleeping. However, if you’re sleeping on top of your new tattoo, it won’t be able to breathe and heal as quickly.


4. Picking & Scrubbing

Whatever you do, do not pick or scrub any scabs or dry skin that form. Your tattoo isn’t coming out and nothing is wrong! Scabbing is a very normal part of the tattoo healing process. Let the tattoo heal by itself and everything will be fine.


5. Sunburn

Getting a sunburn is one of the worst things you could let happen to your new tattoo. Prolonged sun exposure is awful for the tattoo. Not only does it damage your skin, but it also impedes the healing process and causes the colors to fade.


One of the biggest things you have to keep in mind is that your new tattoo is a piece of art that is essentially an open wound. You need to keep it safe and clean all the time. For more helpful tattoo advice, visit the Cap1 Tattoos website or contact us today to schedule your tattoo consultation.