Best Places to Get a Hidden Tattoo


Most people get tattoos because they want to show them off. However, a lot of people don’t end up getting a tattoo because they’re worried about them being visible for one reason or another. While you should proudly display your ink, if you need to keep a tattoo hidden, Cap1 Tattoos in Denton, TX has a list of some of the best places to get it.


Inner Bicep

As long as you’re wearing short sleeve shirts, your inner bicep is a perfect place to get a tattoo. While the inner bicep is a bit more sensitive, a tattoo there gives you the freedom to be able to show off your ink in the summertime with a sleeveless shirt.



Unless shirtless, no one would even know that you had a tattoo on your ribs. For women, a rib tattoo can be perfect because you can still wear dresses and, depending on the placement of the tattoo, even backless dresses. However, the ribs are one of the more painful places to get a tattoo, so you should keep that in mind.



For men especially, a thigh tattoo is ideal because you can get something fairly large and easily keep it hidden. While it can also be a good placement for women, it would restrict you from wearing short shorts and skirts. Unlike the ribs or inner bicep, the thigh is on of the least painful areas to get a tattoo.



The ankle is a great place to get a tattoo you need to keep hidden because even if you aren’t wearing socks, most people won’t look down at your ankles. However, one thing to consider with an ankle tattoo is placement and how your shoes or socks may rub up against the tattoo while it’s still trying to heal.



Just like an ankle tattoo, a tattoo on the foot is easy to hide unless you’re wearing sandals. The foot can also be an extremely painful place to get a tattoo and will take longer to heal unless you’re able to let it properly breathe throughout the day.


If you want to get a tattoo, but need to keep it hidden these are the best spots on your body. For more information about Cap1 Tattoos near Dallas, visit our website and contact us to set up a consultation today.