Breaking Down the Different Tattoo Styles


Tattoos are a true art form, and there are many different styles of tattooing. Today, Cap1 Tattoos in North Texas are going to break down some of the major tattoo styles.



Traditional tattooing is one of the first styles of modern tattoos. With solid black outlines, a bold color pallet and extreme precision, traditional style tattoos stand the test of time. Common imagery includes roses, daggers, hearts, eagles and nautical items.


New School

Cartoon-like in design, new school tattoos use vibrant colors and exaggerated features and dimensions. New school tattoos are one of a kind works of body art created by the artist. They can consist of any and everything in a bubbly, vibrant cohesion.


Black and Gray

Just as the name of this style implies, black and gray tattoos only use black ink. When the artist dilutes different amounts of black ink with distilled water, they then create the different shades of black and gray. This style lends itself best to creating amazing details and depth without having to use a lot of colors.



Japanese style tattoos are generally large and may be a full back, chest or sleeve. While this style allows for some artistic freedom, there are quite a few artistic rules that all adhere to the ancient traditions. Some of the most common imagery includes cherry blossoms, lotus flowers, koi fish, dragons and waves.



With intricate designs that use symmetry and repetition, geometric tattoos require skill and precision to create a uniformed piece of body art. Many geometric style tattoos are black and gray and can appear to be three-dimensional or create an optical illusion.



Exactly what it sounds like, realism mostly consists of portraits. Realism tattoos require an eye for detail to be executed properly. When finished, the tattoo should look as if it’s a photograph on the skin.



Simply put, script style is like calligraphy with a tattoo machine. The artist will usually create a custom font so that the tattoo is perfect for its placement. Generally, script tattoos are gothic and flow with a clear direction.


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