Choosing the Right Colors for Your Skin Tone


One of the biggest things to remember about a tattoo is that they are true works of art, and just like in art, the choice and use of color is just as important as the design itself. However, some colors don’t look as good on certain skin tones. That’s why, today, Cap1 Tattoos near Dallas, Texas is going to share some tips on choosing the right colors for your skin tone.


Pale Skin

Fair and pale skin generally supports all ink colors, except yellow, which won’t be very visible on your body. However, you can use yellow to fill in minor details of the pattern or design. Colors like red, orange, blue, green, purple and black can look amazing on fair and pale skin.


Brown Skin

Brown skin tone is perfect for dark hues of blue, red, purple and black. The difficulty with this skin tone is that it’s in between pale and dark skin, so oranges and yellows will be hard to see. Even highlights of green and white would be beautiful on the skin, even if you decided to tan.


Dark Skin

Those with dark skin should stay away from bright, light colors because they won’t be very visible. The border of the tattoo should also be bold and not thin. This will help the tattoo be more prominent. The best colors for individuals with dark skin are black and red. Anything lighter may not be visible.


Tips to Remember

  • When choosing a color, always consult your tattoo artists because they will be the best judge of what colors and patterns compliment each other.


  • Black ink is always a safe bet because it will show up on virtually every skin tone.


  • Colors and tattoo designs go hand in hand, so some colors may not look right in certain designs.


Colored tattoos are beautiful, but keep in mind that they do require a little more maintenance and may need to be periodically touched up. For breath-taking and colorful body art, contact Cap1 Tattoos today to set up your private consultation.