5 Things to Think About Before Getting a Tattoo


Getting a tattoo, especially your first, is a big deal. While small, random tattoos are fun, the ones that matter the most are the ones that make a statement. However, for a tattoo to truly make a statement, it should be well thought out. To help you plan out your body art, Cap1 Tattoos in North Texas is telling you 5 things to think about before getting a tattoo.


1. Design

The design is obviously a very crucial part of what makes a good tattoo. You should have a clear idea of what you want, yet still be open to suggestions from your artist. Keep in mind that they’re the professional and they’ll know if a design will work or not.


2. Placement

Along the same lines as the design, the placement can make or break a tattoo. Be open to artist suggestions because the piece that you want on your calf may look better on your forearm or bicep. If you are dead set on a certain placement, be sure to let your artist know before they begin designing your tattoo.


3. Black and Gray or Color

The next big consideration is whether or not you should get color. The thing to keep in mind with color is that over time, it’ll fade and will require a touch-up. Obviously, it would be a few years before you need a touch-up, but that’s something you should keep in mind.


4. Is it Meaningful?

Tattoos are a work of art and the best ones aren’t dictated by the style, but rather the significance. Whether they’re paying homage to your childhood, in memory of a loved one or to symbolize your connection with someone else, the best tattoos always hold a special meaning to the wearer.


5. Make a Mindful Decision

Cap1 Tattoos has said this many times before, but you should never take the decision to get a tattoo lightly. You should never get a tattoo while under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Not only could you end up with a tattoo you regret, but you could also end up doing more harm than good.


Tattoos are beautiful things, but you should always take these 5 things into consideration before getting in the chair. For well thought out, masterfully designed body art in Denton, Texas, contact Cap1 Tattoos today.