Why to Have a Tattoo Consultation


Cap1 Tattoos has said it once, and we’ll say it again, getting a tattoo shouldn’t be something done on a whim, especially large or complex pieces. Every part of the tattoo should be thought out, from the placement and size to color and design. The best time to discuss these details with your artist is during the consultation, but many people don’t realize just how important and helpful a consultation is. That’s why Cap1 Tattoos near Dallas, TX is explaining why you should have a tattoo consultation.


Get to Know Your Artist

Having a consultation gives you the chance to properly know your tattoo artist. This way you can feel more comfortable with them so you don’t feel like a complete stranger is tattooing you. Cap1 Tattoos considers every tattoo a work of art, and so we like to know the person who is getting the work of body art.


Iron Out the Details

The biggest benefit of having a tattoo consultation is that you can iron out all the details with your artist face-to-face. This is so you and the artist can be on the same page and know exactly what is expected. Everything from size and placement to design and specific colors will be discussed to make sure that every area of the tattoo is clearly understood. This also always your artist to clearly see the area they have to work with rather than having to depend on pictures sent by email.


Secure an Appointment

Once you have gotten to know your artist and have hammered out all the details, you can put down your deposit and secure an appointment time. However, you don’t have to pay your deposit that same day. Cap1 Tattoos knows that you may want to take a day or two to think about it, and that’s fine. If you choose not to pay the deposit that day in-person, Cap1 Tattoos also accepts payments via PayPal.


A tattoo consultation is a rather important part of the tattoo process because it helps to make sure that both you and your artist are comfortable with each other and are on the same page about the tattoo. If you want to get some fresh ink in North Texas, take a look at our tattoo gallery and then contact Cap1 Tattoos today to set up your tattoo consultation.