Why You May Need Multiple Sessions


While some tattoos can be finished in a single sitting, others may take multiple sessions. That’s why, today, Cap1 Tattoos in Denton, TX is explaining why you may need multiple tattoo sessions.



Large Designs

Large tattoos obviously take more time, and therefore may need multiple sessions to be completed. While you may be comfortable with getting tattooed for many hours straight, your artist may decide that it will be better if you break it up. This is especially the case if you have sensitive skin because it’s much easier for sensitive skin to become raw and tender when being tattooed.


Color and Shading

Sometimes, your artist may recommend doing multiple sessions if you want to add color or shading to the tattoo. This is mainly so that the tattoo can heal and then you and your artist can clearly see what areas need the color and shading. It’s also a way for Cap1 Tattoos to ensure that you’re getting the best color and shading possible.


Intricate Detail

Cap1 Tattoos love doing tattoos that have a lot of intricate detail. However, be prepared for it to possibly take multiple sessions. Adding a lot of detail entails working on a small section of the tattoo for a longer amount of time. Splitting it up into multiple sessions is just another way that Cap1 Tattoos makes sure that every line is absolutely perfect.


Your First Tattoo

When it’s your first tattoo, there are a lot of unknowns. You don’t know how your body will react or what your pain tolerance is. That’s why many artists may like to split up your first tattoo into multiple sessions, especially if it falls into any of the previously mentioned reasons.


At the end of the day, the decision to do your tattoo in multiple sessions can be made by either you or your artist. It could be because you have a low pain tolerance or simply because your artist may feel more comfortable completing your tattoo in multiple sessions. If you can’t do multiple sessions, tell your artist that when you meet for the consultation. That way they know to set aside plenty of time for your actual appointment. If you’re looking to get some fresh ink, whether in one or more sessions, contact Cap1 Tattoos near Dallas, Texas today.