The Dangers of Not Getting Your Tattoo Professionally Done


In Texas, for an artist and tattoo parlor to be legitimate, they must comply with the safety codes set forth by the Drugs and Medical Devices group within the Texas Department of State Health Services. It should come as no surprise that there are quite a few risks that come with not using a professional, licensed artist to give you a tattoo. Today, Cap1 Tattoos in Denton, Texas is going to tell you about some of the medical and non-medical dangers of not getting your tattoo done by a professional.



Higher Risk of Getting an Infection

Since you’re using an unlicensed artist, they aren’t legally held to the same level of cleanliness that licensed professional are. Therefore, you have a much higher risk of your tattoo getting infected. Not only will there be a high level of discomfort with an infected tattoo, but if it is severe enough, it can do irreparable damage to the design itself.


Hepatitis C From Unsterile Needles

Aside from regular infections, you run the risk of contracting Hepatitis C from an unsterile needle. Whenever you get a tattoo, make sure you see your artist take out the needle from a fresh package that you watched them open. If you go to sit down and they already have the needle in the tattoo machine, ask them to put a fresh needle on in front of you. If this request upsets them, get up and leave. A professional artist, such as Capone at Cap1 Tattoos will always show you that he is using a brand new needle.


Bad Execution

Finally, even if the artist uses sterile equipment, you have a chance of getting a bad tattoo. If they aren’t a licensed professional, then you can assume that they may not be truly serious about giving you the best body art possible. A good rule of thumb with this is that many unlicensed tattoo artists won’t charge as much as a licensed professional. However, you’ll get what you paid for. A tattoo will be on your body forever, so you want to make sure it’s going to be the best it can be.


If you’re looking to get a custom tattoo by a licensed tattoo professional near Dallas, Texas, then you’ll want to book an appointment with Cap1 Tattoos in Denton, TX. Contact us today for your private consultation.