6 Signs Your Tattoo is Infected


Since tattoos are essentially open wounds, they require a lot of attention, especially during the first week. While there are a few reasons why a tattoo could be infected, what’s really important is to be able to recognize if it is or not. That’s why Cap1 Tattoos in Denton, Texas is sharing these 6 signs that your tattoo is infected.



1. Pain

While some soreness is to be expected with a new tattoo, if it’s 3 – 5 days after your session and your pain has increased, it may be infected. It’ll most commonly be a sharp, shooting pain within the tattoo itself.


2. Heat

For the first two days of your tattoo, feeling heat is normal. However, if it continues to feel hot and feel as though it’s radiating heat, it’s probably infected. Now if it feels hot while having an aftercare ointment applied, it may just need to be rinsed off. When you apply too much aftercare ointment, your tattoo isn’t able to breathe, causing it to overheat.



3. Swelling

Just like pain and heat, swelling is common for the first couple of days. But if the swelling extends beyond the tattoo, then you have a problem. Pain, heat and swelling are usually the earliest signs of a possible infection.



4. Blistering

Occurring on top of the tattoo, blistering is a sign of infection and manifests as red, raised sores filled with body fluids. If your tattoo and the skin around it are red and bubbly, you’ll want to go see a doctor.



5. Discharge

If your tattoo is infected, it may ooze a slimy discharge that’s either a clear fluid with a golden hue or a thick yellow-green goo. You could also see pus that appears white, yellow or green.



6. Fever

While your tattoo may emit heat, it isn’t the same as when you’re running a fever. The fever will often accompany other symptoms. It’s virtually a sure bet that if you have a fever, then the tattoo is infected. However, fever is also a sign that your body is fighting the infection.


If you take care of your tattoo as your artist instructs you to, then your tattoo shouldn’t get infected. Now let’s say none of this fazed you and you’re ready to get in the chair as soon as you can, all you have to do is contact us!