Tattoo Fact or Tattoo Fiction?


Everyone has opinions about tattoos - some good and some bad. With all of those opinions fact and fiction can get a little mixed together. Capone and Cap1 Tattoos in Denton, Texas are helping you spot the tattoo facts from fiction.



You Won’t Have a Successful Career With Tattoos

Fiction. Tattoos are constantly becoming more accepted in the workplace. Plus, most tattoos can easily be hidden. That means even if you’re in a strict work environment, you can still get a tattoo in one these coverable tattoo placements.


Getting Tattooed on Bone Hurts the Most

Fact. Sadly, getting tattooed on bone does hurt more than getting tattooed on a more thicker piece of skin. The most common bones that people will tattoo on are their ribs, and that’s one of the most sensitive areas of your body to get tattooed. However, if you’re willing to bite the bullet and get a large rib piece, it will be well worth it!


Chlorine Fades Your Tattoo

Fiction. Chlorine, which is in the water in swimming pools, cannot breach the first layer of skin like the needles of a tattoo machine can. However, it’s crucial that you don’t let your tattoo soak in water while it’s still healing. Remember, it’s essentially an open wound for the first couple of weeks and needs to be taken care of with proper tattoo aftercare.


Tattoos Look Bad When You’re Old

Fiction. Okay, so we may be a bit biased, but most old people that have tattoo honestly just look badass. As we age, our minds may slip, but the artwork on our skin lasts forever.


The Best Tattoos are Safe Tattoos

Fact. By safe tattoos, we mean tattoos done by a licensed tattoo artist. Cap1 Tattoos has said it once, and we’ll say it again, there are a lot of dangers to not getting your tattoo professionally done.


If you’re ready to make your dream tattoo fact instead of fiction, contact Cap1 Tattoos near Dallas, Texas. We’ll schedule a consultation and give you a tattoo that you’ll love to show off.