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It can be difficult when you know exactly what you want for a tattoo but don’t know how to put it to paper. It’s even more annoying when you’re dying to get some fresh ink, but you aren’t sure what it is you want. That’s why Capone and Cap1 Tattoos are sharing some tattoo inspirations on our Pinterest! Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover there.

Floral Inspiration

There’s nothing that can quite fit virtually any part of the body better than a floral tattoo design. The issue is that there are so many different types of flowers and floral designs that you may not even know about, and that’s okay. We’ve got plenty of floral tattoo inspirations, and you can also check out Capone’s floral tattoos!



If you want your tattoo to really come to life, then you’ll need the depth and motion created by textures. Whether it’s the soft flow of a feather or an anamorphic layer that makes a tattoo become otherworldly, there are plenty of ideas for tattoo textures.


Nautical Inspiration

Simple nautical tattoos such as and a single line anchor or trident are excellent small tattoo ideas. However, if you want a nautical tattoo that can tell a story on your skin, you’ll need to look at the imagery on Cap1 Tattoo’s nautical board. There, you’ll find photographs and hyper-realistic illustrations so you can really dive in.



Do you have a true passion for animals or one animal in particular? Maybe you want an animal for what it represents to a certain culture, such as how the tiger is seen as a sign of powerful energy in Chinese culture. Whether you’re looking for predator or prey, there’s animal tattoo inspiration for you!


Don’t feel bad if you aren’t completely sure what you want as your newest tattoo. Go visit the Cap1 Tattoos Pinterest page for some inspiration and check out Capone’s past tattoos on our website.

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